Classroom Portion Requirements

  • You will receive an email with the information to enroll in the classroom portion. Orientation should take about 20 minutes to complete, and must be done during the 2 day window. 

  • All sections and quizzes must be completed for Units during the designated time. Students will have any time during the week units are open to complete them, then those will close and the next will open. Once units close, you cannot access them or make up any assignments.

  • Road Signs Test and Final Exam must be completed on one of the designated dates during the designated time.

  • You must make an overall an over all grade of "60" to receive credit for this course. 


 ​**Please note, you must complete assignments during the time frame outlined in the schedule. You will NOT be allowed to makeup any assignments.**

 Driving Portion Requirements

You must print off the Restricted Instruction Permit (RIP Form).

*The form is available to students once they are logged in to the course. 

This form must be completed in BLUE or BLACK ink.

  • Fill out student information in the top section of the form.

  • Take the RIP to your local DMV Driver License Office to have your vision tested. DMV fills out the part below "NC Division of Motor Vehicles Use Only"

  • The vision test if free.

  • Once you have your vision tested at the DMV, mail the RIP to Mountain Professionals. The address is below.

  • Students will receive an email confirmation once the form is sent to the driver after the session is over and grades are submitted.

  • Please list which session you are in and the dates at the top of the form.

  • **Write as many contact numbers as possible on the form to help the driving instructor make contact with you. Your driving instructor will call you at the number you listed on the RIP form to schedule you for driving, please list a number that will be answered. If they cannot reach anyone or get a response, you will be skipped.

  • The section below "RECORD OF LESSONS IN THE CAR" is filled out by the driving instructor.

Students will receive a completion certificate once they have completed the Driver Education program. - - Students must complete 30 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction with satisfactory progress.

****Note: Students are required to attend 30 hours of classroom instruction. All absences must be excused absences, as determined by the instructor, and all missed time must be made up. If a student fails to attend a classroom session without previously notifying the instructor, the instructor must make every attempt to contact the student. If that student fails to attend a second class without notifying the instructor, the instructor is to contact the student’s parent/guardian to inform them of the potential consequences which may include dismissal from the program. Furthermore, students are expected to be on time for classes, or to have previously notified the instructor of their expected tardiness. If the student fails to have an adequate reason as determined by the instructor for their tardiness, the tardy may be considered an unexcused absence.


  1. Students are required to have at least 6 hours of in-car lessons.

  2. Students must provide at least 24 hours notice to instructors to cancel, or re-schedule an in-car session. Every attempt will be made to accommodate in-car instruction for times that are acceptable for both instructor and student. However, a record shall be kept for consistent cancellations, or re-schedules. If they are found to be excessive, the student will be marked as a “No Show”. Excessive “No Shows” will result in the student being considered to have quit the program and he/she will not be issued a Course Completion Certificate 

  3. Students must satisfactorily complete all classroom tests and assignments.

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