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Behind the Wheel Instruction

Due primarily to covid and quarantines, behind the wheel instruction is taking longer. The process will take 60-120 days, or longer for younger students, as there are many taking drivers ed that are already 16/17. Once the class is completed successfully and RIP form is submitted to MPI (PO Box 212 Bakersville NC 28705), students are scheduled to drive by date of birth, oldest first. 


Once the class is completed and forms are submitted, students are driven by DOB oldest first within the groups their RIP forms are received in. Some younger students may drive if they were placed on the list prior to you or are able to drive during PE etc. This may take 120 days or longer, as there are many taking drivers ed that are already 16/17.

You will receive a call (at the number listed on the RIP form you submitted) from an instructor when it is the students turn to drive. They will leave a message or text if there is no answer. You may schedule your DMV appointment at this time. 

Instructor contact information is not given out, if you have questions, you may reply to this email. If you would like to verify your instructor, we have a list available HERE.

NC DMV regulations state that each student must drive 6 hours with an instructor and no more than two hours per student per day. There must also be 2 or more students in the car, or a parent may request to ride along.

Once an instructor contacts you for scheduling, be sure to note the instructors name and contact information in case of any issues that may arise. Please note policy below.

**Scheduling Policy: Students are required to have at least 6 hours of in-car lessons. Students must provide at least 24 hours notice to instructors to cancel, or re-schedule an in-car session. Every attempt will be made to accommodate in-car instruction for times that are acceptable for both instructor and student. However, a record shall be kept for consistent cancellations, or re-schedules. If they are found to be excessive, the student will be marked as a “No Show”. Excessive “No Shows” will result in the student being considered to have quit the program and he/she will not be issued a Course Completion Certificate

Avoiding the waiting list.

Due to the demand for driver instruction, students have to wait a few months after submitting the RIP before completing the driving portion. Someone who wants to avoid the line may complete a course of driver instruction at a licensed commercial driver training school in lieu of school-based instruction. We recommend WNC Driving School or Drivers Academy, a list of schools can be found on the NCDTSEA site. To request a 611 form, please submit at You must include the students name as it appears on birth certificate, your mailing address, and the name of the driving school you will be using.

Driving eligibility certificate (DEC)

​This form is issued by the high school, not drivers ed. The form expires in 30 days, so wait until you have an appointment to obtain the DEC. Once the student has completed the classroom instruction and the six hours of driving, they must obtain a driving eligibility certificate from their high school. Homeschool students may obtain form the Dept of Non Public Instruction. Online or out of state students may obtain at the local high school with a transcript from the online institution.

Before heading to DMV.

The applicant should study the driver handbook he or she received in class. To obtain a learner’s permit, a person must pass a written test administered by DMV. Ready to get a permit? - you can find practice and information on what documents need at the DMV to obtain a permit Here

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