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26 Years Of Experience Behind The Wheels

Administrative Staff

Jess Lee Roy Ledford and Sue Ledford are the owners and executive board of Mountain Professionals Driving School.  Mr. Ledford received a Master’s Degree in Driver Education from Appalachian State University. He has over 40 years of driver education experience at the public high schools, community colleges, and as owner of Mountain Professionals Driving School. Mr. Ledford is also the former president of the NCDTSEA and has served on the board for the past 25 years.

Mrs. Ledford is a 30-year veteran with Mitchell County Schools and a Nationally Board Certified Teacher.  She is vice president of Mountain Professionals, Inc.

In many counties, we employ managers and coordinators to help us provide a quality program which is easily accessible to our driver education students. All classes ad lessons are taught by NC DMV certified instructors. 

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