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Driver Evaluations

Is your new hire capable of driving your company vehicle?

Are your drivers having incidents?

Do you have a driving policy that requires ongoing driver training but you don’t know where to begin?

We can help..

An independent driver evaluation is the best way to exercise due diligence to ensure your employees are competent drivers and to discover what training is needed. Get a report of your employee’s driving and identify any weak areas or bad habits and correct them through coaching.

Driver Evaluations typically involve a 2 hour block of time and include vehicle inspection, driver briefing, and on-road evaluation. 

Following the evaluation, a feedback and coaching session will be included to provide the employee with tips and instruction to correct errors or gaps in knowledge or skills.

A written formal evaluation results form, documenting competency, is provided to both your employee and to management for personnel files, along with recommendations, if any, for further action.

 If interested, please use the form below and we will have a driver contact you to coordinate.


  • Must be over 18 years of age

  • Must have a valid drivers license

  • Instruction must be provided in a Mountain Professional's specially-equipped vehicle under the supervision of a certified DPI/DMV instructor

  • Additional hours can be arranged 

Thanks! Message sent.

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