Are there any classes available?

Currently all online and traditional classes are suspended. We will update the website when we have information on resuming. We will also send out updates to email subscribers (you can sign up here)

Can my student complete the driving portion?

Our program remains on pause due to the pandemic. Health and Human Services stated at the Governor’s news conference, “…siting for more than 10 minutes in an environment raises the chances of exposure.” Being that our program requires this in both classroom and BTW, once given the green light to restart, this will require us to follow guidance for safety of both the students and teachers. A systematic restart recommendation is forthcoming. We will update the website when we have information on resuming. We will also send out updates to email subscribers (you can sign up here)

Will my class completion or eligibility certificate expire?

The class completion will not expire. The DMV has extended the expiration date for some eligibility certificates. 

Driving Eligibility Certificates. – Notwithstanding G.S. 20-11(n)(3), a driving eligibility certificate dated on or after February 9, 2020, and before March 10, 2020, remains valid and may be accepted by the Division of Motor Vehicles to meet the requirements for a license or permit issued under G.S. 20-11 until 30 days after the date the Governor rescinds Executive Order No. 116 or the date the Division reopens all drivers license offices, whichever is earlier.

What is the wait time for driving once it resumes?

Students will be driven in the same order they were in on the list once driving instruction resumes. Since they will be able to drive during day without school and sports schedules, the behind the wheel will be able to be completed quicker. Driving instructors will contact you at the number listed on the RIP form you sent in when it is the students turn.

We already paid for a class, will that payment transfer?

All classes that were registering or in session when drivers ed ceased will be rescheduled or finished. If you were in class, you will receive an email with completion information. If you were registered for a class, you will receive an email with new dates/options when they become available and you may choose the best option for you. 

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